Crypto currency is a move by libertarians to remove democratic oversight of finance? NFTs aren’t going to help artists, and it is increasingly obvious in MANY, MANY well researched articles that NFT’s are a scam, a get rich quick scheme to extract gas fees, and platform fees from artists, who can ill afford it. NFTs are being used as a gateway to fast track adoption of crypto currency which is a construct to avoid accountability, regulation, and taxation by elected governments. Democratically elected representation in government, while imperfect, is the only way the 99% have to put checks and balances on predatory capitalism of the 1%.

Know that without this mechanism, we inch even closer to the feudal.The fact that YBCA is pushing this nonsense, and attaching their once good name to the rise of fascism boggles the mind. ARTISTS! You are being sold a pack of lies, a get rich quick scheme that is antithetical to art, and democratic principles. Don’t buy into the HYPE.